RockTape Review

SmackMedia is doing big things in the world of triathlon. They are blowing up the twittersphere/social media and really getting the name of good companies out there. They threw a roll of RockTape my way for me to check out. It couldn't have been better timing as I've been hampered with Plantar Fasciitis pain in my right foot for a good 8 months now. Besides massage, icing, and beer drinking I really haven't done anything else to address it. I can't figure out if it's derived from cycling or running (probably both)! Well the RockTape arrived and I was stoked to see flying skulls covering the tape. Immediately I threw on some Whitesnake and started cutting some tape!

Once the Whitesnake was over I went over to RockTape's website where they have "how to" videos on taping all the different ailments you may have. It ended up being very easy and before I knew it I was ready to put it to the test through swim, bike, run and a lot of showers (triathletes are dirty).

Easy PF Taping
I was pleasantly surprised how well the tape held up. I only had to re-tape once over the course of a week that included dozens of workouts and showers. However. The biggest thing I was impressed with is by Wednesday I had my first pain-free run in 8 months. I really thought of the tape as more of a masking agent then I did a cure. But I feel it really is making a difference. It doesn't happen overnight, but I've found with the taping, icing, massaging and beer drinking - the pain is slowly going away! My reviews are always straight up, tell it like it is - no BS. If you have PF, get some RockTape - your heel will be very happy! Physical therapists and doctors are catching on to the magic of RockTape so you can actually find a "Roc-Doc" near you or buy it yourself at the nearest retailer. Both can be found here:

Held up even to the harsh chlorine

I also found it very helpful in permanently strapping a beer you
don't want to share to your hand for easy no spill, frills!


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