Different Approach

I'm 37 now and it's crazy to think that I've been competing (on and off) in endurance sports for almost 25 years! It's taken me this long to finally realize I've been doing it all wrong. Let me explain...

Bringing up the sun with Wattie Ink Punk! 
If you relate my "strategy" in training/racing to playing poker - you could say that I've always been a very aggressive player. I've always taken training and racing so seriously to the point where it hurts me. Over-training, over-racing, over-thinking, caring too much, obsessed, etc. I've never just gone with the flow, put in the work and let the racing take care of itself. I've always put so much mental and physical energy into it which (looking back on it) has really wreaked havoc on my overall performance. Ask those that have trained with me in the past - they would probably say my performances don't always match up with the numbers I put up in training. 

Well this time I'm approaching it all differently. I'm going to just put in the work and let my progression happen naturally instead of forcing it like I have in the past. I have such a peace while I'm out training now. I'm not obsessed with numbers, what race I'm going to do next, whether I'm doing too much or too little. It's actually making the sport fun again. 

My progression is going slower then I'd like which is expected. I've lost a whopping 1/2 pound  - most of that is because I lost like every muscle in my body - so I know I'm losing fat and gaining muscle so I'm cool with that. Right now I'm running 3-4 days/wk and riding 2-3 day/wk. I'm just going through the painful process of working out scar tissue from years of abuse and just dealing with feeling generally horrible in training which is also normal those first few months back. 

Waking up early to train definitely has its perks. The smell of summer mornings, hot air balloons rising up into the air and the sun rising up over the beautiful Temecula foothills. It starts the day with a smile and an appreciation that I am still sweating and breathing hard 25 years later.
My son and I watching motorcycles and monster trucks!

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