2019 Reflection

It's been some time...

I'm kind of obsessed with self-help books, podcasts and using social media for growth opportunities. One of the topics came up about how a big part of growing is to make sure you set some time aside to write. I pretty much stopped writing years ago once I stopped competing which I regret (the writing part). It was always such a great outlet to journal, get creative and it truly motivated me to become better.

I'll give it another shot, especially after reading analytics on this blog -people still actually read!

A lot has happened since I stopped competing in 2014. We had two more kids (Bo-4, Juliet-3), I became self-employed and own a few businesses now which was at first frightening but now enlightening and comes with a lot of freedom. I expanded my coaching business for adults and even started coaching Cross Country/Track at a small local private school.

Training? Racing?

I raced a 5k in 2017 and ran 17:59.

Then I did make a small attempt to break 2:40 in the marathon --read about it HERE.

Then there was a short stint of getting the band back together to break the 4x800 masters world record --read about it HERE.

Both fell through miserably haha. They seemed like great ideas at the time but...I ran out of time for what was needed to accomplish them. They are on hold for now... I've always loved to dream big and it never hurts to give it your best shot. Before I had these successful business ventures, I failed at 7 start up companies, wasted a lot of money, time and energy. But guess what? It's exactly what I needed to be successful now. Don't be afraid to fail.

I signed up for the Carlsbad Marathon, Half Marathon and 5k in January. I'm doing the 5k - DREAM BIG! I've been struggling to find motivation to train this year so I decided to force the issue and actually pay money for a race. It seems to be working - I've had two pretty consistent weeks of training and as long as I stay healthy, I'll shoot to break 18 mins again on these 40 year old legs of mine.

One thing I noticed from coaching high school cross country and track is that you give so much of your coaching energy to these kids day in and day out that you neglect to take care of yourself - something I'm going to work on.

As I reflect on 2019, it was such a great year:

Turned 40 with some of my best friends at a 2-day golf tourney

Was a Marshall at the State Farm Open and marked/briefly spoke to Tiger Woods!
Indoor sky-diving with the kiddos
Snuggles with Juliet
Running in Belgium
Beers in Belgium, Nederlands, France
San Francisco with my love

Helped Darren get to Kona!

CIF -SS Champion Runner Ups
Holidays with my favorites
Cheers to 2020, a new decade!

~As always, thanks for reading-