Late, inconsistent posting these days. Busy like everyone else. I still have a lot of blogging in me and I even have some plans for the future of a face lift of the site with more meat and potatoes of my training & mentality towards triathlon with some personal life sprinkled in. You could probably say one of the single biggest pushes I received when just starting in the sport was the motivation I received from a lot of the blogs I read. I learned a lot from others blogs and it motivated me like no other magazine, article or pep talk did. I'm hoping to maybe motivate and/or inspire others to do the same. The reward is not the weight loss or the metal at the finish....I've discovered that when you get the most out of yourself mentally and physically in this sport you discover a lot about yourself in the process. You've probably heard that before but take a second and really think about it. If you're not discovering anything about yourself you're probably not training hard enough.

First race of 2013 is this Sunday at the Desert Tri in Palm Springs. It's a 1200 meter swim, 40k bike, 10k run. I haven't raced a single race since I came limping across that finish line at SOMA last year. I'm a different swimmer now, I've sacrificed my run for it, something that I've been fighting like a demon for two years now; finally giving in. We'll see how it pans out. Cycling....Well, I'm not much of a Queen fan but I constantly have this in my head so I've been doing my fair share of riding...

I just love riding my bike. I've been feeling a lot of those special days where your legs feel so good that you want to mash and rip the cranks off.

Running continues to be a question mark but I'm not worried about it this year. My outlook has completely changed. I've always been so concerned about running well in a triathlon but I haven't even got to the run where I could showcase my fitness. My focus has been too heavy on it so I've backed way off from running and put it into swimming and biking and I am really seeing a payoff. It's kind of like those experienced competitive swimmers that barely swim but still do damage come race day. I'm in the same boat as a runner and I know I can tough it out with the best of them if I can just get there in one piece. I'll get a little taste of where I'm at this weekend. Take it in, make necessary adjustments and get ready to damage at Oceanside and even more at St. George...

Showcasing a mustache at our Wine/Food Pairing party
We may have done a little beer/food pairing too
Plenty of good coffee
And the Powerbar hook up


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Good Luck. Let me know how it goes.

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