I Got In.

Back in 2011 when I signed up for my first Ironman 70.3 it was this race and I signed up 3 months after registration opened. This year I made a point to save up and register early because I knew it would sell out quickly. The week I had finally saved up I went online and found this:

To say I was bummed is a huge understatement. I was pretty devastated. It's the only big local race in town and I had unfinished business from last year's mishaps.

Well I got in. I thought when an Ironman race sells out, it's done, over, finished. A fellow Wattie gave me a heads up of a way in (thanks Hague) - I made the contact and bam - I'm registered as of today! So I'm super excited to give this race another go. Last year I was faced with a poor swim, lack of experience and just naive about what a 70.3 is all about. Granted, I only got two more 70.3's in (and Santa Barbara long course) for 2012, but I learned sooo much from them and I definitely feel more prepared and confident about long course in 2013.

Now St. George is still my "A" race and all my cards will be in that basket for early 2013 but I still want to do well even though I'll be in my "build" phase of my training. I plan on training right through this race and it'll give me a chance to experiment with my taper strategy as well. I have a slight feeling that I do better with little or no taper coming into a race as opposed to a taking a full on low volume, little intensity/sharpening type of taper.

All I know is my swimming has made a tremendous leap from where it was even a month ago, my cycling is on point and my running has just been a ridiculous college-esq type of shape. You can count on me bringing it at Oceanside and it's just the beginning.


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