Climbing back into shape

Getting back into shape has been fun and miserable. I still think I'm in this phenomenal shape and I end up getting back from a workout all shaky and wiped out. I'm just taking things slow (literally) until I get my legs and lungs back.

I have to admit though, I've been having fun with it again. For now I'm just riding and running for the next month and then I'll start getting into the water again. Juggling a new business, my career, two kids, a baby and a wife is no joke! I just prioritize each day and do my best to get things done. So lots of climbing, big gear work, trainer work, easy jogs with some pick ups for now. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

San Diego proved perfect weather over the holiday weekend that included a family hike, a ferry and lunch to Coronado and the family hosted at our place. Such a fun weekend, love this time of year.

Me and baby Bo

Coronado is beautiful in every way, cheers!