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Where most of swim camp has taken place...
So I've been pretty consistent on getting a post out every single week since I started blogging but last week I needed a "recovery week." I capped off my last major week of training leading up to SOMA and I'm in the best triathlon shape of my life. The biggest gains I've seen are in the water. James termed it "swim camp." Hitting masters 3x a week and one or two solo sessions a week for over a month now and getting instant feedback and coaching by Coach Carol (thanks coach!) have been so big for me. I always thought I could swim hard on my own and push myself. Boy was I wrong. If anybody that reads this can take one piece of advice from me after the two years I've done triathlon is....Get in Masters! I won't share times that I've been hitting or anything - cause it doesn't mean anything, only what you do in a race does... But one thing I can share is, my times are ridiculously faster then they were. I'm hitting 100's, 300's, 500's...etc etc significantly faster then I ever have and I contribute it all to swimming with that group. Huge. I can't wait to see how it translates into open water come October 21 at SOMA. Not only will I PR but most importantly, I'm hoping to finally get on the bike without already cramping and feeling exhausted; which of course translates to a better run too. Even though the swim is the shortest discipline of the three, if you're not in shape on the swim it definitely has a trickle down effect on bike/run. I have personal experience with this! ha.
Having more time w/kids has been huge. Love.
I'm kind of bummed that this will be the last triathlon race of the year. I feel like I'm finally ready to attack long course and James has timed my peak perfectly - I am on fire right now. But after SOMA it will have to wait until next year. I've been going at it pretty hard all year with very few day offs but I think I have too much fun with it to get burnt out. I'll just jump in on some of the Dirt Dog races, a turkey trot, maybe a cyclocross race or two, stay on masters 3x a week and plan some huge multi-day rides with friends. Now that makes the off-season sound more fun! It's my favorite time of year (fall), the weather is to more my liking and Amy and I get to experience all of the fun holidays with our kids. Let me tell you, they are pumped! Scarlett just wants to decorate everything in sight! So Oktoberfest's, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving, family time, Christmas and New Years - looking forward to it.

Two week countdown. Time to sharpen up with some good quality, spend a little more time with the family and enjoy the lead-up to SOMA. We are going to have a huge crew out there - so many friends (and apparently a foe) racing. Four Peaks Brewery is in the near horizon for post race beverages and not quite sure if I'm more pumped to get on the starting line or take in that first IPA post race. BRING IT!

Tested a Cannondale EVO from The Bike Shop. In Love!
Fire Station field trip!
Taylor taking after his dad, ready to ride!
Halloween craft time!
Decoration time!
They are pumped
Good clean food...
And good beers...This one is a must try!


Damie said...

I am excited for you too!!! So fun to have a big race late in the season. That gives you a chance to really see the changes in one year. Must be brussel sprout week- I had some last night and today too. :)

jameson said...

this is year has been rad dude... no doubt your fitness has sky rocketed along with your confidence. I think I am stoked for you to toe the line at soma as you are! earn that IPA!

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