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Well I've logged 200+ miles on the bike each of the last two weeks and have swam between 13 and 16k yards in the pool -with most of it Masters sessions...Oh yea, and I've done a little running too. To say training has been going well leading up to SOMA would be an understatement. I've felt amazing this past month and I can't wait to finally race again. Santa Barbara seemed so long ago and SOMA seems so far away! I've thought about jumping in some local sprints or cross country races but training is going so well - I'm more inclined to just keep banking these huge weeks and reap the benefits at SOMA. For those of you that don't know SOMA, it's a 70.3 held in Tempe, AZ. I did it last year as my first 70.3 and actually DNF'd with only one lap to go on the run. I got a bitter taste in my mouth after that race and I promised myself that I'd be back again this year with a little redemption. I train/race so much better angry so the fact that I have that DNF and the fact that I didn't qualify for World Championships has me going into this race fuming. I know I belonged at WC's and as much fun as it was to watch my Wattie teammates crush it there - I wanted to be racing. I just made rookie mistakes this year. 1. Putting all of my eggs in one basket (Oceanside). It was such an early race and I just figured I'd qualify. My fitness and my experience were not ready to race well that early. 2. Signing up for Wildflower instead of another Ironman qualifier. As much fun as I had at Wildflower it drains you before you even get to the starting line and it has no meaning (other then fun). 3. Not getting into Vineman. My buddy and I already had the trip planned. Go in for a 3 hour meeting the morning of sign up, get online - sold out! Get on waiting list...I was the 3 person NOT to get in...

So I'm definitely not one for excuses and I'm not using these as excuses. Just admitting my mistakes. I'm not sure I would have qualified at Vineman, hard to say. Now if I were to race Vineman right now....yes, without a doubt I would. Fitness is off the charts. Even though, again -SOMA doesn't count for anything for qualifying next year, I'm going to finally prove to myself that I can race long course. I already proved it a bit at Santa Barbara but now I'm going in with a swim that won't be embarassing!

For those of you that are not friends with me on twitter or facebook, I did a video with EZIA in Carlsbad. I did this the day after Encinitas Sprint triathlon back in May. I didn't really know what to expect when I walked in and then I see a full on studio with a camera crew and huge expensive looking cameras. I threw on my Wattie Ink kit and did the exercises for the first time on camera. I had done quite a bit of these when I used to go to Rehab United so they weren't completely foreign to me but doing them sore after racing wasn't the easiest thing to do. EZIA has an amazing facility, amazing staff and I was really lucky to do it. Before you watch it, first things first. I consider myself to be very humble. My friends/family know that the only time I talk about myself is on this blog or if I'm asked to. In the beginning of the video I was introduced as a "professional triathlete." I did not tell EZIA that I was a professional triathlete. I think they assumed I was and did not ask - so it's not their fault. I don't pretend to be one and I don't take that word lightly. AG'ers work their but off for years to get that title/prestige so please don't think I'm "one of those guys..."
Here it is: 

Triathlon Training at EZIA Human Performance from EZIA Human Performance on Vimeo.

Here's a few pictures from the weekend which includes a big day up Palomar with fellow Champion Factory teamate Andrew Callaway (who won overall amateur at SD Tri Classic). After the big Saturday we hit up Lake Hodges for a 2 hr trail run with our coach. Great weekend of training and I'm stoked to find a great training partner who will also be blowing away the field at SOMA! Thanks for reading!

Some HD shots from the video shoot

Andrew and I up top of Palomar
Getting my super angry hesh music ready for the main climb...

Stole this from Walsh. Descending Raptor Ridge, Lake Hodges
Baby girl turned 4
She's got a lot of personality!

Societe Brewing Co. 1st time, not bad
Prefontaine's first sub 4 minute mile. He was a big source of
inspiration for me through HS and college. He ran 3:57.4 here.
I tried for 4 years to break 4mins. Came up 4 seconds shy. The mile is no joke.
Now I run for something else...


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awesome run on Sunday. More "team" sessions this fall/winter for sure.

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