Training Log (April 14-20)

Consistency has been the name of the game and last week was no different. I'm executing every single workout that Flanny is throwing at me right now and I'm starting to see noticeable differences in my fitness for all three sports. Hours have slowly increased and the good news is I'm not feeling any more fatigued that I was before. I feel like as a coach and athlete we are in sync which is sometimes hard to do - and from it comes an overwhelming confidence that what I do each day is the right thing.

The world famous Wildflower triathlon festival is next weekend and I'm really excited to race. Sometimes when you get signs of great fitness you start looking around for a race and I feel like this is the perfect race at the perfect time in my build up to IMCDA. What's even better is Wattie Ink and Wildflower triathlon partners up each year - so we are treated like kings there. Can't wait to hang out with team mates and race hard!

Here's last weeks workouts:

Monday: 3 workouts

BlueSeventy Masters Swim: 75 mins / 3500 yds
500 wup, 4x100 on 1:40, 4x50 on 50
Main set:
6x200 on 3 mins
10x100 pull on 1:30 (5 w/paddles, 5 w/buoy)
200 c/d

Post workout notes: Tough day today in the water, barely made the 200's on 3 mins.

Bike Trainer ride: 1hr / 14 miles / 14 mph

Flanny’s workout: Recovery ride

Post workout notes: Easy recovery ride on the trainer, felt good to chill.

Rudy Project / Powerbar / Herbalife Steady State run: 55mins / 7 miles / AVG 8:01 pace.

Flanny’s Workout: Lets get in 60 minutes of steady running on soft surfaces focused on quick turnover.

Post workout notes: 3 sport day. Felt good to run and drop the pace down a bit in the middle and then cruise in. [hr]

Tuesday: 1 workout

Rudy Project Track Workout, Data HERE: 1:03 / 8.42 miles

Workout details:
3 x 400m uphill @ 5k effort / easy jog back to the bottom
1 mile @ 15k pace
3 x 400m uphill @ 5k effort / easy jog back down
1 mile @ 10k pace

Post workout notes: (listed in data file). [hr]

Wednesday: 2 workouts

BlueSeventy Flanny Swim: 90mins / 4000 yds
500 wup, 4x100 on 1:40, 4x50
Big Main set - 150's on 2:20
50 FAST on 1 min
2x50 FAST on 1 min
3x50 FAST on 1 min
4x50 FAST on 1 mi
5x50 FAST on 1 min
Post workout notes: 
I made all the sets and was even finishing the last 50's on 35. Big confidence builder today

SRM / Speedfil / Reynolds Tempo Session Data HERE: 2hrs / 36 miles / 18.3mph

Flanny’s workout: 2 hours today with 3 x 20 minutes at your 70.3 race watts on 5 minutes easy riding between efforts.

Post workout notes: (in notes)[hr]

Thursday: 1 workout

Rudy Project / Powerbar / Herbalife Long run: 1:40 / 11.5 miles / AVG 8:42 pace 

Flanny’s Workout: z2 long run

Post workout notes: Super fun single track trail run today with 900ft of climbing and some hike sections. Really enjoyed it[hr]

Friday: 2 workouts

BlueSeventy Masters Swim: 85 mins / 3800 yards

No idea what our set was, just have the time/distance haha. I know we just did a lot more 150's

Post workout notes: Just remember it was a really tough workout.

SRM / Speedfil / Reynolds Bike Ride: 1:35 / 23 miles / AVG 14.5 mph

Flanny’s workout: Depending on the time available today I want you to get in 1.5-2 hours of Z2 riding.

Post workout notes: Swim smashed me so I did more of a recovery ride, legs felt better towards the end[hr]

Saturday: 1 workout

SRM / Speedfil / Reynolds Bike Ride, Power file HERE. 4:04 / 74 miles / 18.1 mph

Flanny’s workout: Within todys session I want 2 x 20 minutes at Z3 watts. Focus on IM Nutrition as discussed and report back intake and how it went.

Post workout notes: Notes attached to the power file above. [hr]

Sunday: 1 workout

Rudy Project Run- 50 mins / 6 miles/ 8:14 AVG pace. 

Flanny's workout: 50 min easier run James. Dont worry about pace.....chill run.

Post workout notes: Easter/family day. Nice and easy. [hr]

Totals (3 swims, 4 rides, 4 runs)
Swim: 11,400 yds /4:10
Bike: 147 miles / 8:38
Run: 33 miles / 4:29
Total hours: 17:17


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