The Island

Juliet is almost 5 months! It's been SO fun watching her grow and develop. It's also been really eye-opening these past several months learning more about Down Syndrome.

We didn't know much about DS when we found out the day she was born. We were scared for the unknown and all we knew about it were all the "negatives" associated with it. The saddest thing we have learned is that our culture puts Down Syndrome on this island. An island where they want to detect it while in the womb so it gives the parents the option to abort. An island where the "hardships" and "challenges" of DS will take over the rest of your life. Speech problems, physical problems, health problems, developmental problems - it's looked at as such a burden and it's really really sad.

Let me tell you something. The island looks A LOT different than you think. The island is filled with an overwhelming amount of love. Our family has been transformed all because of this amazing girl. This is our fourth child and although our first three got a lot of oohh's and aahh's, nothing compares to the reaction she gets from strangers and friends that meet her. It's like she oozes with this indescribable love; a kind of love that we all seek and she has it radiating from her. We can't get enough of it!

We are finally seeing a shift in the way the world looks at DS. Instead of labeling them with a disability, we are starting to see that if you challenge them like any other kid, they will grow and develop just like any child. It is not scary - see for yourself! CLICK HERE.

We have been blessed with a healthy DS baby. We are fully aware of the road ahead but we also know that every child (and young adult) has it's challenges!

Love you Juliet, we are so lucky to have you in our family!


James Adams Coaching Services
I started coaching back in 2005 when my wife and I had moved to Boulder, CO for a short stint. It started out by just helping out a friend get to 2:30 in the marathon (he ran 2:33). It was amazing to remove myself from the performance aspect and put all of my energy and effort towards helping someone else succeed.

Fast forward 12 years and I am now head Cross Country and distance Track coach at local high school and I've had the opportunity to coach individual runners and triathletes of all ages trying to reach their goals. Whether that's a high school runner trying to make varsity, a triathlete trying to qualify for Kona, a runner trying to qualify for Boston or the Olympic trials or a non athlete trying to get into endurance sports - I've had great success with a wide range of athletes and would love to coach you!

Coaching philosophy: I've found that there are four things that help you reach your goals and without all four you are jeopardizing your full potential. I can help with all four:

1. Indivisualized Coaching
2. Mental Approach
3. Recovery
4. Nutrition

The only thing I require is that you are serious about your goals and honest with your feedback.

Email me at jwadams5k at for a free consultation. Prices have a range depending on your sport and goals.

*Local athletes surrounding the Temecula, CA area will have exclusive discounts with local endurance affiliated stores and the option of one-on-one coaching sessions.