2013 Wattie Ink Elite Team

In the beginning of this year when I received the news that I was on the Wattie Ink Elite triathlon team, I was super pumped. Especially since I got the email literally walking to a bar to celebrate a half marathon PR and party with some of my closest friends. I made a lot of new friends through it all, trained harder, got faster and came away with some cool gear and sponsors. This year I had to put my application in just like anyone else. Only this time Wattie received over 1000 applicants and even though he expanded the spots to 100 I was a little nervous. Well I was picked again to represent the 2013 team and couldn't be more stoked. I didn't have the greatest season this year. Even though I podiumed in every race I entered that WASN'T a 70.3 I still felt like I under-performed. However, where I didn't was as an ambassador. So many people have a misconception with the term "elite". Just go over to Slowtwitch and you'll be entertained for hours!

I'm definitely not an elite triathlete. Even when I was running a 4:04 mile I was a border-line elite runner. Now-a-day's a 4:04 mile is a good high school time. Insane. I think Wattie and a lot of companies out there are looking for a good triathlete but a GREAT ambassador. Someone who has a great following on their blog, a great presence in social media and represents the brand well on and off the race course. A lot of people don't realize how much work is not only put into training but also being an ambassador. I fit this mold, so BOOM! I'm on the team.

Now this is not to say there aren't ballers on this team. There are several that could have gone pro, always on top of the podium and just dominate in the age group world. There are also your slow as molasses people on the team. There's young, old and everything in between. There's a lot of returning Watties and a lot of newbies - it's going to be a fun year and I can't wait to get it started!

Sponsor line up so far for 2013:

Blue Bikes
454 Tattoo

I'm dropping a lot of my personal sponsors due to conflicts. I want to support the companies that support this team. However, personally I still have: The Bike Shop and SportMulti (Feed the Machine).

As far as training goes, work has had me absolutely slammed. Lots of end of the year parties, reports, meetings, budgets, happy hours, etc etc. Holidays have turned into one of the busiest times of the year! Still getting the work in, just not as consistently as I normally do which is OK. Now's not the time to be dominating, hammering and getting super fired up. I did that last year and learned my lesson.

Chill out, eat sweets and drink beer/s. Cheers!

Part of theWattie team at Nabor's crazy party that had the likes
of Simon Whitfield, Rappstar, Paul Amney,Wattie/HJ and others
Got back on the mtb and climbed Santiago canyon with
Massi and the MFG's
And of course, been drinking good beer...


Damie said...

Amen to this all, brotha! See you in 2013.

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