The Run

This is the type of picture that stops you in your tracks. It literally sent me to an immediate halt when I came around the corner and saw this. I was lucky enough to catch it at just the right time of day and it has inspired me to write about it. Although the picture doesn't do it justice (it never does) it really was an amazing site. The light shined through this single track trail surrounded by trees like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My stunned shadow stretched all the way to the other end as if there was a another person stopped in his tracks glaring at me. I couldn't help but to reflect that I've had tunnel vision when it comes to my running. I've been chasing my shadow for the past two years now. Trying to find that same running form I had ten years ago. Although I see glimpses of my shadow from time to time, I'll never BE that shadow again. I'm starting to realize that and I'm OK with it. The good news is - I don't have to be that guy to be competitive in triathlon. I'm a completely different athlete now. I'm actually waaay more disciplined then I was in my 20's. I focus on the little things that mean big things in fitness. Every single workout I do has a purpose, I don't just go through the motions. I've found a love for sport again - even running which has only happened over the past three weeks or so. The reason I quit in the first place was because I was so burnt out. It was no longer fun for me. After seven years off and then starting triathlon, it was still the sport I struggled to love. Swimming and cycling where so new and exciting and without fail, if a workout was to be missed during the week over these past two years, it was the run. I still managed to do pretty well but I wasn't in love with it like I used to be.

Well over the past three weeks I've put in some good base running miles. Each run has had a purpose but it has been all low intensity running. I've hit the trails more, drills more, strides more and it really has brought back a nostalgia like feel when I run now. It's like I have an extra pep in my step and it's not because my legs are fresh. Sometimes I'll throw my arms in the air and pretend I'm flying like an airplane, I'll exaggerate arm swing like I'm sprinting, I'll skip and bounce around - I act like a kid again with my running shoes on. I'm in love all over again.

It's really got me excited about the upcoming season. For some reason I feel I'm putting less pressure on myself. I can tend to be super hard on myself and will often times take it out on my training which is never a good thing....well maybe sometimes. I just feel more in-tune with my body (Yoga helps) which I think is just a testament to getting a little bit of experience in triathlon and finding the love to run again.

The beam followed me all day


Jaime Hale said...

I am so glad you found your renewed love for the run. I'm glad you saw your shadow and reflected on what is ahead for you and what you've achieved in the past.

Damie said...

man, that is a gorgeous pic. truly!!!

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