Disneyland and some training...

Last week the whole family took off on Wednesday to go up to Disneyland for three days. My work was having a trade show at the Disneyland Hotel Thurs & Fri with set up being on Wednesday. The trade show was during the day, but I was able to join the family in the morning and evenings which was a lot of fun. This was their first time and as you can tell by Scarlett's face, she had a blast. She's at that age where she really believes that the characters are real...she just can't believe it! I definitely had the same feeling that I haven't had since I was a kid at Disneyland---cause I was looking at it through the eyes of my 2 and 1 year old. That has to be one of the coolest things about being a parent, you pretty much get to relive your childhood through your kids. Important note: We definitely will not and are not those parents that want to LIVE through their child though. We've all seen those parents before...there's a big difference.

Poor lil guy...Him and I had a lot of bonding time
over the weekend.
 The first night was a bit interesting though. After setting up our booth at the hotel, I rushed back to the hotel to grab the family and we took off to California Adventure. We went on a few rides, let the kids run around and towards the end of the night we took them to go see the "Crush" show from Finding Nemo. As we were waiting for the show, there was a big hallway and Taylor was just running around arms swinging wild like always. I was just letting him run around and get some energy out. He kept falling, getting back up and I'd hold his hand around strangers, with him often yanking trying to escape my hand. Well it was either the falling, him trying to get away from me or something, but he jacked his arm up good. He started crying like crazy and Amy and I couldn't figure out why. We left the show early, rushed back to the hotel and he was still very crabby and we finally noticed before we went to bed that he wasn't moving his arm...at all. We'd even try and grab his hand to see if he'd grip it, but nothing. We figured we'd try and get some sleep and hope for the best the next day. But about every hour he'd start screaming. Of course it was the arm that he uses to suck his thumb to go to sleep, so he was miserable, we were miserable and at 2am, I decided to call the advice nurse and after telling her the signs, she advised us to take him into the emergency room. So off I went. About 4 hours later and him screaming for about 3 of those he finally calmed down after X-Rays and fell asleep in my arms. The nurse came in, checked on him and he was sucking his thumb, using that arm fine all of the sudden. She deemed it was Nursemaid's elbow. It's a dislocation of the elbow joint. Apparently, it's very common among kids their age that just learned to walk and are constantly falling while holding hands with their parents. During X-Ray's they have to straighten out the elbow and it almost always puts the joint back in place, which in this case it did. She told me to not worry about it and that I didn't do anything wrong, but to just be careful from now on because that elbow is more susceptible now. eyeyeye....

So no sleep that night, no planned run that day. Friday, exhaustion from trade shows, running around the park and having fun = another missed workout. So I missed two days of training in a row. Haven't done that in a LONG time. Granted I probably put in 10 miles of walking over those 3 days, but I'll never count walking in my training!!

Despite missing 2 days, I still had a respectable week:

Swim: 3hrs (6,500 yards)
Bike: 4hr 31 mins (79 miles)
Run: 2hr 59 mins (23.5 miles)

Total: 10hr 30 mins
Mr. Slice up top of Couzer Canyon
Not really any workouts to note. Saturday I swam for an hour and then jumped on the bike and did some climbing up Couzer Canyon that put me at 45 miles/3k of climbing. I backed that up with a 90 minute long run in the rain on Sunday which was unexpected. That run was rough though, although the picture below looks like its cool out, it was hot and very humid. I love these kind of summer days, but not when you have a long run ahead of you. The clouds/rain eventually burned off which made the sun/humidity brutal! Out of the three sports, I'd have to actually say that my swimming is coming along the quickest. My running and biking seem to have plateaued a bit (cause I don't ride or run enough!) but my swimming is finally getting there. I have finally found good body position/balance. I try to read and watch as many swimming technique things I can. There is just SO much to think about during the swim. I often forget how far I've swam because I'm constantly trying to remember to point the toes, head down, rotate hips, follow through....etc etc. Swimming is HARD. I think the faster you get though, the more enjoyable it is...I think it's that way in all of the sports. Once you start seeing results you begin to enjoy and embrace it more. During the past few months I've paid a lot more attention to swimming than I ever have. I put in 3-4 swims a week as opposed to 2-3 runs/rides a week. It's my limiter and as you hear often, you can't win the race in the swim, but you can definitely lose it.

This week I am going big (for me). Amy and the kids will be out of town Friday-Sunday so I am using it as sort of a "Training Camp" week. I'm shooting for over 15 hours this week and so far I'm on pace for it. I plan on going on the same 75 miler/6k of climbing that I did for the Temecula Challenge this weekend and put in a bunch of swims/runs around it. Anybody want to get in on the weekend of training?? Hit me up.

As always, a few more photos from the week:
Drinks at Rain Forest Cafe...Sorry for the bad pic.
Crazy Summer Thunder Storm
Me looking like a dork getting pumped to go out in the rain


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Hey James this is Rick. Love riding in the Rain. Had a great MTB ride Sunday AM in the rain. Had a very HOT 10 mi run yesterday. A ride in the rain is much better. Love reading your blogs and thanks for your help with The Bike Shop tri club. Cheers!

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