Dream Trainer

Art by  Jeremy Houghton
Lights out, 8:30pm. Triathlon dreams fill my head. Racing, training, even recovering. Recovering? My eyes shoot open, adrenaline pumping...wide awake at 2am. I fight it, but the desire wins at 3:30am. I get up, pull on my bike shorts in the pitch black, tip toe into the garage trying not awake my two sleeping babes. My heart already pounds against my Garmin strap. My heart is in control you see, my body and mind are just along for the ride. I set the stage. As I pull the velcro on my shoes, it seems to send an echo in the garage that radiates silence. The Slice sits on the trainer waiting for my cue. I saddle up, hit play and the show "Mad Men" fills the screen...how fitting, I think to myself. An hour passes, sweat pours off of my body and now it's time to change gears and play music to my ears. Legs pumping harder now, heart rate climbing now....I close my eyes and enter the same dreams, only this time I get to feel the burn.


Ryan said...

So many times I wish I could just punish you in a race. No freakin wonder I can't... I would never get up at 3:30am and want to ride a bike.

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