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The start of the swelling from a bee sting...
So this pretty much describes my week last week. I was really sore from the 1/2 Marathon. I don't think I will ever do that race again. I rarely run on concrete and I especially never run downhill on concrete. It really tore me up. Left me limping all week and my training ultimately suffered. I just did some light spinning, light swimming and massage to try and get my legs back to life. When they finally started coming around, Saturday I set out for a 45 mile ride around my usual Couzer Canyon loop and got stung on the shin by a bee. It wasn't a big deal at first, but the next few days it completely swelled up my ankle to the point I couldn't wear a shoe. It's weird because normally I don't have a reaction to stings, but this one took me out of running commission for a few days. I also decided after this 1/2 that I'm going to limit my running races from here on out.  The body just takes too much of a beating from them and it jeopardizes training. So I won't be doing many races in the Dirt Dog Series this year. I had originally planned on doing all of them, but I need to save the weekends to go big on the bike. After all, I am a triathlete - not a runner anymore. It's been taking awhile for me to realize that.

I fixed the format up on my Race Schedule and added the two races I have left for the year. I have decided to do my first 70.3 ever at the Soma Triathlon in October. So I'm basically building my training up to that race. I will do the San Diego Triathlon Classic as a little prep race leading up to it. I'm really excited to jump into the 70.3 distance. I really didn't want California 70.3 to be my first half next year because I really want to do some damage there. I figured this would be a great way to learn about the race and what to work on over the winter. Coming from a miler, this may sound silly - but the sprint and Olympic distances just seem a little short for me. I think its because I've been focusing my training (at least on the bike) for the longer stuff. I'm really excited for these next few races to wrap up the season and begin my big plans for next year.


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"After all, I am a triathlete - not a runner anymore." - Love it!

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