Wattie Ink / Black Dragon Racing Training Camp

Last week was the Wattie Ink Elite Team / Black Dragon Training Camp held in Carlsbad, CA. Black Dragon Racing owner, Wattie Ink Elite Team member and my coach Robert Flanigan hosted the camp with the man Sean Watkins with the support of:

1. Reynolds Wheels / Speedfil - SAG support for rides.
2. Blueseventy -sponsored swims and swag
3. Rudy Project - sponsored runs and swag bag
4. Herbalife / Powerbar - provided all nutrition before, during and after workouts.
5. ISM  - swag
6. Spidertech - Taping seminar and swag.
7. Nutrition seminar by pro triathlete Erin Green
8. Q&A with Heather Jackson hosted by Nytro Multisport.
9. Special guest appearance by pro triathlete Matty Reed.
10. On deck swim coaching/instruction by pro triathlete and Rev3 series leader Eric Limkemann

Over 25 athletes from all over the US came into town and the weather couldn't have been any better. Location is so important for a camp and Flanny/Wattie couldn't have picked a better place. I was particularly excited as it's close to home! Here was our schedule for the week which included about 20-25 hrs of training in 5-6 days:

1798416_10203131453994261_1338022081_nIt looked pretty intimidating on paper as I've only had probably a handful of weeks over 20 hours and that was over seven days! Looking back on it now Flanny was a genius in devising this schedule. The key was it being a "volume focused" camp. The only intensity we did was in the pool and then on a tempo run which I'll dive more into later.We arrived at registration and were greeted with a swag bag and a sweet custom shirt for camp - sweet!

1601313_581616061925766_488539752_nFor a great write up about camp, check out friend and fellow teammate Karin Langer's blog HERE. I'm going to just post links to my workout data and let the numbers talk this week. For the bike geeks, I weight 140 lbs. If numbers bore you, I'd stop reading here.

Here's how it all played out (feel free to reference what we did with the schedule above):


Swim: 1 hour, 3k

2 hour ride: SRM Power file: Click HERE.

Brick run: Click HERE.


Swim: 90 mins, 4k

3 hour ride: SRM Power file: Click HERE


Swim: 1 hour, 3k

1:45, 14 Mile Tempo Run: Click HERE.

90 min recovery ride


5 hour ride: SRM Power file: Click HERE.

30 min brick run. Data HERE.


1 hr swim, 3k

90 min easy run. Data HERE.

Totals over 5 days

Swim -4.5 hours / 13k
Bike- 11.5 hours / 186 miles
Run-4.5 hours / 32 miles
Total = 20 hours

Leading up to camp I just had some s,b,r's that slowly got me back into it without having a relapse of sickness. The planned worked and I'm really pleased with my effort and results at camp. I think I'm ahead of what I thought I'd be at this time of the year - especially with all the missed time I've had to take off with my finger issue and my sickness.

The time I had at camp was amazing. Even though it was pretty tough to juggle work, family and this training load - I felt I had the right balance though out. Planning was key and Amy and I did a great job syncing our schedules. There was no way I was going to leave them at home while I went to camp. So we got a hotel down by the beach where she was able to hang out with family and friends while I suffered. Her and the kids had a blast and so did I; win, win.

Not only did camp boost my confidence, it also showed me that I can handle a pretty hefty amount of volume and recover really well. I'm recovering like I am 21 again which is a great sign because I'm going should be able to handle the upcoming volume in stride.

This weekend is the first race of the year! Desert Tri. Past two years I've gone 2nd then 1st. This year I step up to the big boys in 35-39 so it should be interesting to see how I stack up fresh off of camp.

Thanks for reading and I'd love feedback if you have anything!

Here's a bunch of pics I took over the week

photo 4 (4) photo 3 (5) photo 2 (5) photo 1 (6) photo 5 (3) photo 4 (3) photo 4 (2) photo 3 (4) photo 3 (3) photo 2 (4) photo 2 (3) photo 1 (5) photo 1 (4)

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