2014 Begins

It's officially 2014 and the real Kona Journey begins! Not only is it the start of more focused training but it is also the start of posting my workouts/blogs for Lava Magazine. I was pretty stoked to see myself on the front page on their website this morning. You can go to the direct link HERE.

Just to wrap up the 2013 season I thought I'd share my volume / hr totals from 2012 and 2013.

Swim: 447,090 yards / 150 hrs
Bike: 5,459 miles / 318 hrs
Run: 1,010 miles / 135 hrs
xx amount of MTB, Strength training, races...etc
Total hours: 642 (AVG 12.3/week)

Swim: 462,279 yards/ 158 hrs.
Bike: 5,203 miles / 297 hrs.
Run: 960 miles / 128 hrs.
xx amount of MTB, Strength training, races...etc
Total hours: 590 (AVG 11.3/week)

So the interesting thing about these numbers is that I went down in distance and time last year (except swimming) and still got faster overall. My 2012 season was no where near as successful as my 2013 season. It's crazy when you average out the hrs/week. If you asked me what my average weekly volume is - I'd say it is around the 15 hr mark. But it's easy to forget about all of those sick weeks and injuries when you took time away from the sport. I was littered with sickness the first half of 2013 which is why I think my numbers where lower. It also goes to show how specific QUALITY workouts can make you faster if you don't have 20+ hrs/week to train and have a family to support. Flanny and I focused on quality when I started working with him back in May after coaching myself for 6-7 months and this is what I found:

Self coached = 3 major sicknesses from Jan-May.

After coaching = 0 sicknesses since May (knocking on wood)

So, I have no doubt my volume will go up this year since I'll be training for my first full Ironman. The key is to stay healthy and injury free so I can be as consistent as possible in my build up to IMCDA. Not to mention - still be a great husband, dad and employee. I always try and keep myself in check with these priorities which will be part of the fun in this blog. Sharing my journey with you. I know I have a ton of work to do - and to see so many kind comments about this all really motivates me to want to be better. To do all the right things so I have a real shot at qualifying in June.

Thanks for the support and let this journey begin!


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