The Push

Well, I finished up the last really tough week last week (hence no blog) of my build for Vegas. I had workouts that pushed me to my limits both mentally and physically. Flanny/CVE Endurance (who just crushed it at IM Whistler) really taught me a lot of things over these past several weeks which really have been the toughest for me from what I can remember. A few things stick out:

1. Consistency
2. Learning how to go hard on tired legs mentally and physically.
3. My outlook on "what it takes" took a big leap.

I broke a lot over the past several weeks. One run comes to mind where I had an 1:40 min run at the tail end of three hard days in a row. 30 min warm-up, 40 mins z3, 10 mins z4, cool down. Sounds easy enough eh? Well this wasn't the first time I've done this workout. Usually I nail it, but the fatigue had build up both in my legs and my head. Zone 3 is usually 5:40's for me with fresh legs - this day it was 7:15's. I felt like I was going all out but going no where! I even stopped, tried to gather myself before going into the last 10 minutes of zone 4. I was hurting, cursing aloud and overall in a pretty rough place. It was hot, I was in the middle of nowhere of some trail and just trying to rally for only 10 more minutes! I took off and after only two minutes I quit and just laid on the ground. I completely broke. Nothing left. Walked/shuffled the rest of the way with my tail between my legs. I was pretty bummed/pissed off that I couldn't do it but after Flanny talked me off the cliff and I realized he had me right where he wanted me. Now it's time to taper...

Pain tolerance is up, heat tolerance is up.
Starving to toe the line.
Legs starting to shake with energy, rejuvenation, power, speed and will.
Mind is ready to outlast those legs, to dig deeper into the well - into waters never found.
Shooting for the stars.
Ready to see stars in the midnight black of the Las Vegas sun.

This isn't just a race. Some may think I'm dramatic or take this too seriously. This sport tests your character and what better way to test that character then at a World Championship? What better way to test all those sacrifices you made at 4am, 4pm, weekends? This isn't a sport or a hobby. It's a way to test your will. How to overcome. How to prepare. Attention to detail. Discipline. Even your integrity. You see, when my time with triathlon is over I will take these principles with me for the rest of my life. Apply them to my career and teach them to my kids. The better I grow now, the better me and my family are off.

Maybe we should all take it a little more serious? 


Anonymous said...

Good luck in Las Vegas!! I love your blog and wish you the very best in the Race!! Regardless of outcome I think you are gaining those lessons and Character that you can use forever in Real Life. And that attitude rubs off on your kids too! Go get 'em!!

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