X-1 Audio "Momentum Earbud" Review

When I hooked up with H2O Audio (now X-1 Audio) last year I was super stoked to get my hands on some waterproof headphones. I pretty much only use headphones when I'm working out and when you add a ton of sweat during the hot months and some rain during those winter months - it's exactly what I needed to add to my gear list. For the past year I've used the Surge Mini Waterproof sport headphones for riding my bike on those long lonely rides (with my left ear unplugged to listen to traffic) and for running as well. They were super lightweight and they came with a ton of earplug sizes to choose from so you really do have a custom fit. The only problem was, when it rained, my iPhone was still vulnerable to the moisture so I got myself an X-1 Audio Amphibx Fit Waterproof Armband which works perfect for my phone and even fits nicely around my aero bars on my TT bike - win, win!

Recently, X-1 sent me their new "Momentum Earbud." I was excited to try something new and they came at the perfect time as I was about to head out for my long run. I loved my Surge Mini's but the Momentum's ended up being even better. The "ear fins" secure the headphones in place so they never come out of the ear especially when the wind was kicking. I even noticed the sound quality was a lot more full and clear.

I highly recommend X-1 Audio's products to anyone looking for a waterproof way to listen to your music. They have a ton of swimming products available too. I've just never used them in the water because I'm too busy hurting, panting and focusing on what I'm doing! If you do use them on the bike, just use extreme caution! As I mentioned before I only have one bud in my right ear with the music turned way down so I can hear traffic and my surroundings. On the trainer? Let it blast!

Visit their website at www.x-1.com


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