SDIT Race Week

Been climbing a lot of mountains! - Lake Wolford w/Kendra
It feels like St. George was ages ago. Even though technically it was last month it's been close to two months since I've raced and I'm itching to get on the starting line. With all the sickness I dealt with earlier in the year I pretty much took my mid-season break from Oceanside - raced St. George out of shape and sick - all the way till I started working with Flanny about a month ago. After a month of some really tough and focused training - I feel very prepared going into the San Diego International triathlon this Sunday. It's a 1k swim, 30k bike and 10k run. It's a very popular race and attracts a lot of good local talent and it will be my first time lining up against the pro's/elites. There's money that pays out to the top three I believe so there's always some super fast pro's that show up (last year included HJ, Lesley Patterson, Chris McDonald amongst others).

And running plenty of single track!
I'll have my hands full, no doubt but I'm embracing the opportunity. I'm going into the race probably in the best shape of my life and just like when I lined up against Bernard Lagat, Gabe Jennings, Michael Stember in the mile back in my track days - it elevated my game. I became faster, I walked away with more confidence, more fire and desire to get better. So it's a win, win situation for me and you can't beat that. And speaking of running, I'm pretty excited to enter T2 Sunday. There's no doubt after racking my bike, slipping on my shoes and crossing that "Run Out" line that I will be smiling. My running fitness has no doubt slowly blossomed working with Flanny. Over the past several months it's seemed stagnate and always felt like a struggle to hit pacing. NOW it seems like no matter what is thrown at me I can hit it and for this race - no doubt will come down to the run as the swim and bike portions are shorter than your typical Olympic race. So can't wait to race! Amy will try and send out tweets (follow me) as she sees me throughout the race. Otherwise I'll throw out an update after I'm done killing the beer garden!

As much as my focus has been on training, it's also summer and have made sure the balance of FUN is always there. Here's some pictures over the past few weeks. Thanks for reading!!!

Fishing. Kids both caught their first fish!
Sidewalk Art Festival

My 2 beautiful girls going on a date
BBQ'ing it up a lot
Playing poker tournaments...Top 3 paid out on this one
and I placed 4th...doh!
Recovering right: use code: Jadams for 10% off
Beer lineup lately

My favorite dark

So good, must try

My go-to camping beer


jameson said...

awesome stuff... good luck this weekend. race for the win!

Damie said...

fantastic news, man! I felt like I hadn't heard from you in a while, and it is because you are working your a$$ off!!! Kill it this weekend- glad to see you are in a good place!!!!

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