The Week that Was

What a crazy week. I'll do something a little different and tell the story in pictures:

A lot of this going on Post Wildflower. I took a week just to drink, eat, stay up
late and workout only on feel....
My friend Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness...I probably got my
worst case of this from Wildflower. Left me very sore...and tired.
So I grilled/ate a lot...

Drank some more...

This was the number of times I got in the pool last week...
Instead, I just drank of bunch of this...waaay more than I usually do
Went to Big Bear over the weekend for a big ride with some new/old friends
Josh and I about to head out for 5k+ of climbing at over 6000ft
At the top of the first climb...
While I suffered, Scarlett was playing at the lake
While poor T came down with a fever while I was out riding
Came back from the ride and devoured some specialty Stone
Ruination that was Double Dry-Hopped (Amarillo)
Woke up, a ton of more coffee and headed over to
San Diego Safari Park for mothers day...T was feeling better
We all had fun celebrating momma, but it was hot!
Come back to get my run in...and take a pee only to feel like
I pissed needles...UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).  This was my
first and it was pretty brutal. All of the beer drinking, coffee drinking,
riding in altitude and lack of water I think caused it.
So I made friends with water again. Both in my body to
flush out that infection (thankfully it's almost gone) and
also getting in the water to sharpen my swim for this...
Got a comp entry from David, our coach at BSK for racing this weekend!
This will be my 2nd sprint which I'm pumped about...Anything
that allows me to use my fast twitch/miler speed is a bonus!

Kendra sent this to me...some "Refrigerator Poetry"
Always a good reminder about what this blog is all about.
Especially after my epic suffer fest at Wildflower.
Embrace it and you'll naturally go faster.


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