Wildflower pictures

Here's a few more shots from the weekend, including a pretty funny one that Macca posted on his facebook of a bunch of naked dudes chasing him during his "tune-up" race with the college kids.

Exiting from my PR Swim
The Xterra Vortex rocks!
Heading up into T1
Another before and after pic...This is before, first hill -spirits high, feeling good
This is about 2.5 hrs later bringing it in...haha

Rolling through the campground

Pain. Cave. Form is jacked
Hate my life right now.
Macca getting chased..hilarious.
Random naked group run through the campgrounds...Sorry if you're offended by butts.

LINK to my video finish where I am limping in and the announcer gives some love to Wattie and the team.

Til next time Wildflower!


Jack Riordan said...

I like butts, of all sizes, and I cannot lie

Chuck said...

Dude Wildflower is such a nuts race. I did it last year and loved/hated it. Got a flat 5 miles into the bike, couldn't shift into my easiest gear, and lost both water bottles at mile 17... Some dude randomly riding by, just watching, gave me his entire front wheel from his bike. Can you believe that?

The only way to describe this race is brutally awesome!

James Adams said...

Jack, your 1st comment here and I love it!..haha @Chuck, yea man - Wildflower is a different planet for sure

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