Training and some gear

Well the volume continues to creep up and I just continue to feel better and better each day. I thought at first the new workload would really hammer me, but as I said before-having structure in my workouts has really taken a burden off of me and now I feel like I can really train. After three weeks of solid training, this week I am recovering and getting ready to throw down 10 hours on the bike Fri-Sun. I've never put in that much saddle time before over a three day period so it will be interesting to see how my body handles it. Before it begins, I'm going to jump into the Oceanside Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving morning. I've always wanted to do this race and I'll actually have some legs for it, so I'm going to let it rip and try and break 16:00. I ran 16:28 back in March at the Carlsbad 5000, so I don't see why I won't. It's just going to be fun to go fast! Here's my volume from last week:

Swim: 2hrs 45 mins (7,700 yards)
Bike: 9hr 47 mins (166 miles) w/9k ft of climbing
Run: 3hr 7 mins (23 miles)
Total: 15hr 40 mins

I used to think 20 hrs was completely ridiculous, but now I'm seeing that it IS possible, even with my tight schedule. The only way I make this work is by planning/executing my weekly schedule with family, work and training without a hitch. I pretty much can't cheat even a 1/2 hour of sleep or take a long lunch or forgetting to pack my bag the next day. I have to be on top of it to make it work. I've always thought I've been very disciplined with my time, but now even more and I honestly believe that I'm becoming a better husband, father, employee and athlete because of it. Good stuff.

I'll break down the highlights of the week:

Months ago we signed up Scarlett for her first "Princess Ballet" class. She barely made the age cutoff (3), and after weeks of classes, the parents got to watch the "final performance" and talk about a proud dad. She fit right in with those girls and I was sooo proud to say the least. Gymnastics might be up next...of course I'll keep the nightly running races through the house in gear. Start em early!

I also obtained a sponsor, H2O Audio for the 2012 season. You should check out their website, a lot of good deals. I'm really excited to try their products and it looks like that's going to happen sooner than I thought, this was waiting at my doorstep last night...gear! Stoked. I've never had a pair of $150 waterproof headphones before, it's definitely going to beat the "stock" headphones I've been battling with for years!
I have a few other opportunities in the works right now too and I'm really excited to partner up with other companies to represent their brand while I train and race in 2012.

I guess the other highlight of the week was my ride on Saturday. It was a beautiful morning and I headed out early with Mike Hebebrand and we went up Cole Grade. He split off and went home while I climbed Lake Wolford again along with Valley Center road, Couzer and Rice Canyon. Lot's of climbing! With about a mile to go to my house I obtained a huge gash in my tire. I looked everywhere to try and find what caused that big of a puncture, but couldn't find anything. I tried to patch it with a cliff bar, but after putting in a tube and heading out it only last about 2 minutes and another puncture. That gash was just too big. I had to call Amy to rescue me and by the time she picked me up I had to bag the 30 minute run I was supposed to do cause there where things to do! At least I got in the ride before all of that happened.

On the swimming front I'm starting to see some good improvements. I definitely wasn't pushing myself enough in workouts before. It is very common for me to have some lactate acid build up in my arms in some of these workouts I'm doing now, which never occurred prior to being coached. I know I still have a lot of work to do on my form, but the swim is improving. I'm learning how to hurt in the pool just like I do on the bike and run. I'm completely switching my mindset when it comes to swimming. I don't want to just be an average swimmer, I want to be a great swimmer. I know this is going to take time, but I need to make it happen.

A few more pics from the weekend:

My only pic from last weekend's Mission Inn 10k...Last mile, in a world of hurt!
Hit up Stone Brewery for a "recovery drink" with an old friend.
Taylor and I bummed watching the Chargers
Yes, more good beer.


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