Racing Photos

Just a few photos from racing over the past few weeks:

Carlsbad 5000
Rocked the Peace bandanna

Form looks weird/awkward here

Home stretch
I may look weird, but the guy behind me looks way worse..

Xterra Vegas Photos:
Pretty pissed at this point

But still having fun in the dirt

One of the few flat sections of the course
Rough day...

Despite my poor outcome, I did find out some encouraging news from the Xterra race. Apparently the swim was over a mile long (not 1500 meters) and they didn't stop your swim time until you left transition for the bike leg (same goes with the bike-run leg). So I know I was in transition a very long time after that swim (probably 4 mins no joke). And although it doesn't do me anything for my overall time -which is all that matters,  it still shows me that I wasn't in THAT bad of swim shape. 

The Ragnar Relay was an amazing race and experience this past weekend. I'll share more about that this week in another blog post. 


Rachela said...

hahaha i love the peace bandana! and the second picture down where u said ur form looks weird, you just look sneaky like your running away from someone, maybe a piece of gum in a hamburger trick perhaps? :) love you!!! great work!!!!

Rachela said...

PS I CAN POST COMMENTS NOW!!!! i feel like a big girl :) hahahha only took me the entire duration of your blog to figure it out ....

James Adams said...

haha, thanks Rach!

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