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Levi crushes the course record
That kind of summed up my week this last week. Now that xcountry season is over, I'm really excited to spend some time on my bikes. I logged over 100 miles on the bike (over 3 rides) for the first time and my legs actually responded really well to it. On Tuesday night I had another great session on the track. I don't know what it is, but I have this obsession with the track, especially at night. All of my track PR's came at night. I know I run better in cooler weather, but there's something about the smell, the cool air --it just seems...faster. After the workout I rushed over to catch Race Across the Sky. The movie was very inspiring. It didn't get into the actual race itself a whole lot, but it had a lot of different individual stories of different challenges some of the competitors had and how they overcame them. Very cool, highly recommend it -it's going to be on DVD soon.
The next morning I went on a group road ride with The Bike Shop and the morning started off pretty rough. I had two flats in the first 10 minutes of the ride, which included replacing one of my tires. One cool thing about having great people that work there -is they hooked me up with everything (paid a few days later) so I could get on my way. We put in just over 50 miles and 3000 feet of climbing for the day. After running the hard the night before, I was very encouraged on how my legs responded. Getting strong! On Friday I headed over to Lake Hodges for some mountain bike fun. I ended up clearing a lot of sections I have had trouble with in the past and made it all the way down to some of the San Dieguito trails that go towards Ramona. Very fun ride, although I had to push it on the way back, the time change put me in the dark in my last 15 minutes of riding. Time to get some lights!

The next day I woke up grabbed some oatmeal and coffee and headed out the door for a 35 mile bike ride. I mapped out a fairly hilly course and managed to average 19 mph over it. I was pretty happy about that because I kept my Heart Rate under 170 (aerobic). After the ride, I rushed in, grabbed my shoes and a banana then headed out for a 4 mile run. I hadn't done a brick workout in awhile and my legs actually felt really good the whole run. I just cruised at around 7 minute pace, keeping the heart rate low. Can't wait to race...2011 is so far away!

That night Amy and I went to a GALA (work function) and went in style. It was pretty fun to dress up and hang out with my sister, her boyfriend and some other friends. Great week, I'll leave with a few photos:

The crew minus a few rolling in a nice limo

Wifey and crazy sis

Good times!


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