Happy Thanksgiving!

It's been awhile since I've had a four day weekend, so I figured I would get in some solid training. It all started Tuesday night at the SDTC workout. It was cold and rainy, perfect conditions for a Mile Time Trial! I couldn't remember the last time I ran a mile for time. Everyone in the group predicted their time before we started and whoever was closest to their prediction got a signed Meb book. Without doing any type of speed work, I had no idea what I could hit. So I predicted a 4:42. The time trial wasn't meant for you to go all out, just a good solid effort -because after the mile we had 10X150's. I went through the half at 2:23 and felt pretty good, so I picked up the pace a little and negative split a 2:20 for a finishing time of 4:43. Kinda funny, I only need to drop .40 seconds for a PR! Even though I missed my prediction by 1 sec, someone got theirs spot on! Either way, the TT was encouraging because I know with some decent weather, some spikes and competition I could go sub 4:30. The speed is still there surprisingly-- and my running fitness is FINALLY starting to come around.

The next day my work had a half day, so since Amy and I were going to be in Ramona for the holidays -we packed up early and the fam dropped me off at work with my bike so I could just ride home from there. It's funny because everyone from my work thought I was seriously crazy. They just don't understand why someone would want to ride their bike that far. From Kearny Mesa to Ramona -it's 30 miles -which after my 70 mile ride --it's not that difficult of a ride. People that are not familiar with endurance sports have a very difficult time relating to those that are. I often get asked how I lost so much weight and I tell them that I train for triathlons. Usually the next question is, "Oh, which one are you training for?" And I'm starting to realize that the question right there is one of America's biggest problems with keeping weight off. So many people train and train for that life-changing marathon or that big race and then once they do it, they quit training and gain the weight back. They set a goal of doing a race and then have no long-term plan-they don't make it a lifestyle change, just a short-term goal. To take it a step further, we do the same thing with jobs, marriage, relationships, finances...etc. Making the lifestyle change inside is what makes things you want...happen.

Enough of that rant. The ride went great, there was about 3000 ft of climbing and my legs felt OK, just very cold. Half way through the ride I stopped at the Iron Mountain trail head to use the restroom. As I started making my way back to the road with Blue Steel, some bright lady said to me, "Wow, you biked up that mountain with that??" And before I could even speak, she screamed over to her friend, "Hey Janice, check out this guy, he road up the mountain on this bike! Look at those tires!!" I was going to let it go, but I just couldn't...I said, "Actually I just used the restroom--I'm just heading up to Ramona." She looked at me with a weird look and just said, "Good for you." and walked off. So freaking weird. She was probably from Ramona.

On Thanksgiving morning, I headed back to Iron Mountain with Amy for the 1st Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot up Iron Mountain. It wasn't really a race, just a low-key group that got together to run or hike up the mountain, come back get a cool t-shirt and have some mimosas. I made it up in 25 minutes and the view from the top was amazing. After a taking it all in, I decided to do a little exploring afterwards. It ended up being a very serene experience, the kind of run that you go on and realize how lucky you are to be able to do the things you do. 2000 ft worth of climbing later, I headed back down the mountain, joined the rest of the group for some mimosas and champagne ---which come to find out is REALLY good after a long run.

Jubelale on a crisp Thanksgiving day
 The weekend included a 35 mile group ride Saturday morning which had about 15 riders and lots of climbing. I'd never ridden with that big of a group before and it was a lot of fun. I ended up leaving the group (except Jim!) on all of the climbs -so I know I am getting strong on the bike. However, I feel that I have a lot of work to do on the flats. It was fun to try and hang with the random sprints these guys would throw in. I have a feeling that if I had a lighter bike, my average speed for my rides would increase drastically. The next morning, I put in a 14 mile run, with three 2 mile surges spread throughout the run. I was excited how the run went. I hadn't gone over 11 miles for a run in about 2 months because of IT Band issues I have been having. I think there is no coincidence that the problems started going away since I started going to Rehab United. I averaged 7:35 min miles on a hilly course and my average heart rate was only 149. I was very stoked and my fitness is really coming along.

Happy Holiday's everyone!


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