The Great Urban Race

So this last weekend Amy and I did The Great Urban Race in downtown San Diego. I was a little skeptical about the "race" because it seemed like more of a scavenger hunt than an actual race, but I'm glad Amy talked me into it---it was a blast (and a good workout)! There were like 300 people there (150 teams) and each team dresses up. Some pretty funny names and costumes showed up. Amy and I decided on the name "Abercrombie & Wench." I tried to dress all preppy like an Abercrombie guy and she dressed as a wench. Amy is quite crafty so she made me a custom shirt and it looked great! Each team was given 12 clues and you had to solve them by actually running or taking the transit system all around downtown San Diego and Balboa Park going into different businesses and solving things. Some pretty funny shenanigans like running 2 miles fast and going into Wolffy's Place and taking an ice cold shot of Jager in order to solve a clue. We covered over 10 miles and finished in like 2:48. Afterwards we hit up our favorite, Joe's Crab shack and had a "celebratory" drink before heading home. It was a fun day with the wife and although I'm away from the kids often, I seem to miss those little monsters more when we are both away from them.
As far as training for the week, it was a decent one. I hit 9 hours, but had only one swim. Our HOA pool shut off the heat and when I went for my swim Monday morning...It was a lot colder than I thought it would be, especially with the cold rain we've had lately around here. Tuesday I did a Pilate's workout in the morning and then ran a very rainy track workout with the SDTC that night. Wednesday, I took Blue Steel out in the rain and knocked out a hilly 20 mile bike ride in just under an hour. Thursday morning I did a 5 mile run in the morning and then an hour "Strength" session at Rehab United that night. I didn't really know what to expect at Rehab and it ended up being a great workout. This is often a part of my training I overlook. I don't spend enough time in strength training or stretching -which I know is vital to staying injury free.
Lake Hodges ride
When I can fit it into my schedule, I'm going to make Rehab a part of my week. Friday I woke up sore and headed to the trails after work to get some time on The Mistress. I still haven't put on tubeless tires on her yet and in an effort to try and avoid a few less flats until I do, I put some Slime into my tubes. I'm actually very surprised how well the stuff works. On Friday, I ran over something that gave me a huge puncture. I heard the air whizzing out of my tire and your supposed to keep riding so the sealant can go to work, and sure enough it sealed it up. So until I make the switch, I'm all about the Slime. Saturday morning I went on another 20 mile bike ride in the morning and then raced the Great Urban Race that afternoon. I ended up bagging my long run on Sunday because we had a such a busy day----which was probably good, because my IT band is still nagging at me...As far as this week goes, I have one last tune up race in the Dirt Dog Series-a 6k down at Cuyamaca before the championship race. I'm going to try to set myself up to race fast these next few weeks. I've been training through all of these races, usually going in with tired cycling legs. So I'm going to lay low on the bike, attend to my IT issues and hopefully pop out a few good races before I solely focus on triathlon training.

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