Temecula Winery Views :)
Well I'm about three weeks back into consistent training and I'm FINALLY starting to feel good, especially with running. Most of my weekdays consist of an early 5am wake up call so I can squeeze in a ride or run before my busy day starts.

5am is early no matter how you swing it but when you are motivated and excited about the sport again, it's a lot easier to get up. That's why I know this is for real this time. I get excited with every little improvement I'm seeing. Historically, I can usually get back into shape pretty quickly although I am now 37 years old and not in my early 30's the last time I did this (get fat/out of shape). Regardless, I'm only two years removed from being in the best triathlon shape of my life and I really can't wait to toe the line to race again. I'm targeting a little sprint race down in Mission Bay in October to make the comeback complete and then I will build into winter and go big with training to set myself up for a good 2017 season.

In the meantime, I'm really enjoying the summer with friends and family. All Star Game, Monster Trucks, Del Mar Fair, golf, BBQ's, Temecula wineries and of course great beer. Cheers!

The kids and I on MLB network with Harold!

Trying some new brews

Sweet boy Bo


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