Exciting things ahead...

EZIA (whom you should follow if you don't already) tweeted out a cool quote a few weeks ago:

“If you always do what you have always done, then you will always get what you have always got.” -Anthony Robbins

One of my favorite posters/quotes
I think it's important to switch things up often when it comes to training and coaching. It's very easy to get caught up in the same routine which can become boring over time. After a year stint with Walsh - whom I learned so much from - I coached myself over the past 6 months with good success (also learned a lot) but then my workouts started getting stale, I started getting a little bit unmotivated and down because of all of the sickness. So I started putting my feelers out for coaches again to help me get back on my feet especially after several bouts of sickness (I blame myself for a lot of that). I missed too many days then I tried to play catch up (big no, no) then relapse after relapse.

So after chatting a lot with a fellow Wattie Ink'er / OG, I decided to get on board with Robert Flannigan (Flanny) from CVE Coaching. Not only is Flanny a cool guy but he also has a similar background of being a successful runner in college turned successful triathlete. We are on the same page in overall training philosophies so as of this week I'm being coached again and super excited about it. As I've mentioned in past posts I really want to dedicate a lot attention to detail these next 4 months leading up to Vegas by crossing every I and T and having a coach is part of that.

One of those details is bringing down the overall alcohol consumption. Now before you give me hell, I want to say that I didn't quit or anything crazy like that, just backed off. I was in a terrible habit where everyday or every other day I'd crack a beer or two open in the evenings to wind down. Nothing wrong with that but then on the weekends I'd probably have 3 or 4 (sometimes more) in a sitting and I would often wake up the next day just feeling flat and not recovered at all. Everyone's opinion on what alcohol does for training is different but I feel it's just that. Everyone is different and people will respond differently then others. For me, I've noticed a HUGE difference in recovery and the ability to get up early to get in a workout. So it's a no brainer for me and now it's become a special treat/reward to have instead of an everyday indulgence (again see above quote).

So I've always been semi-serious about triathlon but now I'm going to get real serious about it. It's only four months - what would happen if you committed your "all" to anything in your life for four months? I'd bet you'd see drastic improvements and that's my plan. My family (team) is on board and what do I have to lose? I have an epic fail at Vegas? Who cares, I just made huge fitness gains so it's a win, win in my mind.

So here's to training! Don't call me for happy hour and don't ask me to stay up late. I'm drinking water and going to be early. See you in Vegas and I promise you I'll be bringing my best.


jameson said...

great choice getting a coach. It's the best way to get the most out of yourself. stop thinking and train! I am doing the same! I start 6/3 with my new coach. game on!!

looking forward to following along with you build to Vegas!

James said...

Thanks dude, likewise - stoked your back to running!

Damie said...

LOL!!! FLABBY!!! I love this, hon!!! Have a great time and get fast as well! Excited for you :)

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