1 week out, St. George

This has been an interesting way to prep for a race. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I've been down for the count with sickness. The past 10 days I've been able to get in some pretty good workouts. Although I can't seem to shake this sore throat, all of the chest congestion has left and has at least allowed me to get in some decent S,B,R miles. So instead of the steady taper for this race, I've been ramping up volume/intensity to at least try and put together a decent race next weekend. At this point the more volume/intensity the better off I'll be. My legs are fresh but just not sharp and really lacking endurance more then anything. Last week I put in a pretty hard 4 hour ride and four weeks ago, that kind of ride wouldn't have phased me much. This time it left me on the couch for the rest of the day, just completely wiped out. Swimming is coming back slowly - no where near the shape I was going into Oceanside and running? Well tonight will be the first intensity I've done in a few months ...We shall see!

This Saturday's Elevation profile!
This Saturday I rolling up to the Alpine Challenge with my buddy Andrew for the 63 mile "Pine Valley" ride. Includes about 6,800 feet of climbing - so it's going to be ideal for trying to get my climbing legs back for St. George. I would have loved to do the 100 miler, but don't want to completely destroy myself for next weeks race. Although all of my buddies/team mates are heading to Wildflower next weekend, I'm still pretty stoked to race in St. George. We are making a vacation out of it, staying in a house with some friends that has a pool, kegerator, pool table...etc. It's going to be a nice way to relax and wind down for the race instead of dealing with the heat in a tent like we did at Wildflower last year.

That is all, hopefully next post includes me writing pool side, relaxing and getting ready for the race!


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