Phoenix Get-away

We caught this right as Jamie broke her arm
After last week's race, Amy and I planned a trip out to Phoenix with some friends for some World Baseball Classic and Spring Training games sans kids. It's rare that we leave for the weekend without the kids so this was a much needed get-away for us (and probably them! ha). For those of you that are parents, you'll understand when I say that it was super weird. We had long, un-interrupted conversations and kind of lost track of time while we were out there. The funny thing is, we talked about our kids a lot and by the time it was time to go, we missed them to death. 2-3 days is probably the max for us. I got in some decent training but it was definitely more of a mental-refreshing, fun vacation where training was at the bottom of the list of my priorities which it rarely is. We drank well, ate well, danced (kinda well) and lived like college students for a few days and it ended up being a great time. Thanks Eric, Kim, Irving, Jamie!!!
Now it's all about Oceanside build-up. Even though my entire off season training plan has been geared towards St. George which is my "A race" I still want to do really well for Oceanside. Although I will be kinda training through it, I won't lie when I say I dug a little extra deep these past few weeks to reap some benefits for Oceanside. Last year I went into this race as my only second HIM. I was very inexperienced (still am) and had high expectations. Dangerous for the mind. My ridiculous decision of rubber banding my spare tube to my saddle instead of using a saddle bag cost me a lot of time and the fact I couldn't pee off of the bike cost me a ton of time You can read all about it HERE. When I look back on this race I was more prepared to go fast more than any other race last year - I just made so many rookie mistakes - which everyone makes so I'm OK and glad most of the big mistakes are behind me (hopefully).

I forget what blog it was that I was reading but it was talking about how each year as you get more miles and time in all three sports your body starts adapting. Those 4 hour rides that used to crush you, leave you on the couch, taking naps and worthless for the day are now no big deal. Those big training days that took a toll both mentally and physically are no longer an issue. Last year it seemed like I was always TIRED and so far this year I always want to just SMASH! So I definitely validate what I wrote about months ago about how you should respect the process cause it's not gonna happen overnight. I still feel like I have a long ways to go but at least I realize that where last year I did not.

Here's a bunch of pictures from the fun weekend-

Embracing the crazy hail storm we got
Jumbo-tron Photo-bomb!
About to board the trolley in our really hot "coffee"
World Baseball Classic USA vs. Mexico - crazy sold out!
Later that night...
So proud my friend Irving became a USA citizen. His English
is still poor but he loves this country! Kidding, his
sweet new pad before we headed out to the game
Next day, first spring training game! Very intimate setting
enjoyed watching all the players close up (and heckling).
Another tender shot with baseball field in the background
Craft beer is-a-growing in AZ
Later that night, Greasewood Flats in Scottsdale - such a cool place!
Serious about tossing shoes
More tenderness. In all seriousness though, I had sooo much
fun with Amy this weekend.
And of course drinking great beer with great friends!


jameson said...

solid broham! There nothing better than beers and baseball with good friends! I love spring! That Hop Shock IPA is good! I had it last year when I was out there for the Tucson Bicycle Classic.

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