Betty Designs Review

So this will be my first VLOG (video blog) and I actually enjoyed it. I do a lot of video at my work and it was pretty fun doing one as a "product review." Morgan from Smack Media hooked me up with a sweet Betty Designs Men's Graffiti cycling bib shorts and shirt. I've actually never owned a pair of bib shorts before so I really didn't know what I was missing out on. Now, I don't think I'll ever go back! The kit is a head turner (like all of their designs) and this kit is quickly becoming one of the more comfortable ones I've ever owned.
Every kit I wore this year was Betty Designs. From the Wattie Ink team triathlon kit, cycling kit, jacket, to the Temecual Valley Tri Club kit to The Bike Shop team jersey. All of them had that same Betty Designs "flair" and I couldn't recommend them more. Men, don't be scaaared. Although you may think it's all women's stuff, it's not! Check out the men's selection, such rad gear. I'll admit, I'm bit jealous of the ladies too - so many cool designs.
Here's a video I put together that I titled "My Day with Betty" Hope you enjoy!

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