Race Week

Well it's finally arrived and I'm happy to say that I'm ready. There is so much that goes into being prepared for a triathlon. I remember in high school when we had league meets for track after school I'd literally just throw my uniform on under my school clothes and bring a little bag for my spikes. Clothes off, spikes on, race. Done. Now we are talking like page long checklists like I'm going on a camping trip or something! As much as it takes to get prepared for a big race like this, I couldn't do it without my support system, which I'm finding out more and more how important it is. As much as people say triathlon is an individual sport, it's really not. To be successful you really need that support system and I couldn't do it without mine. Sorry if this post bores you, but I really want to thank some folk

My wife Amy for being my biggest supporter, realizing how much I enjoy this crazy sport and stepping up BIG to make sure I'm fueled properly, loads and loads of laundry are done and supporting me in every way. With two kids, there is no way I could train like I do without her. If I was single and no kids I don't think I could train like I do without her! Love.

The Bike Shop. I remember walking in when they first opened and made a new friend in Rick right that day. He's supported me from day one. I can't thank Rick, Rich and John at the shop for dialing in my bike, loaning me race wheels and just offering great support, couldn't do all of this without them.

My coach James for turning me into a real triathlete. Before I was just a runner that tried to bike and swim. He's involved and knows what he is doing. That takes a huge stress off of myself because I can just trust the plan and get the work done.

Wattie Ink Team (like us on fb): Wattie's the man. He put together awesome sponsors and awesome team mates. Stoked to be apart of this team. They offer me motivation (and entertainment). Proud to rocktheW with them this year.

Personal Sponsors: Rudy Project protect my eyes, FLUID keeps me hydrated and helps me recover, Xterra Wetsuits keeps me fast and warm in the water, H20 Audio turns a hard day into a Rockin day and SportMulti for keeping me heathly.

I also wanted to thank David Kloz at BSK for the track workouts and guidance. They are money. And lastly, the Temecula Valley Tri Club for a great support system and great people!

That is all, I'm ready to race! The work is done and the visualization process has been going on since December; so I am very relaxed and confident going in. Just like anything, if you prepare properly you'll often times nail it. And that's exactly what I plan on doing.

My race number is #2610. My wave is the 3rd to last wave at 7:42. You can track my live split times on the Ironman website and go to "Athlete Tracker." Or if you have an iphone you can track me with the IronAp. Amy will also be throwing out updates on my twitter account.

I'd love to see everyone down at the race. We'll be hanging out down there most of the day and if you're not doing anything that night, you should join me and Amy along with my other Wattie Ink Teammates for a Pub Crawl, info below:


jameson said...

really looking forward to watching your throwdown on saturday.

Anonymous said...

You are so ready to rock it! I'll be tracking you!

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