Week in Pictures

Well, the rib continued to give me issues last week so it was all about recovering and doing as much as possible without aggravating it even more. This meant a lot of slow swimming, riding and running! So I definitely took it easy with the intensity because every time I'd start breathing heavy, it would hurt pretty bad and I want this thing to heal soon since I'm racing next weekend and IMCA is just around the corner.

I don't have much time this week to blog, so I'll just leave you a week in pictures:

Part of Saturdays long training day which included a 3000yd swim, 4hr/70 mile bike ride and a 6 mile run 
What fueled me during the long day. Amy's homemade "LARA" bar and granola bar

What awaited me after the workout
My beautiful kids just before the "injury"
Kids after injury awaiting urgent care for my sons busted up head...
2 staples later, he's good to go
One of my top 5 favs...has been a long time, never gets old!
Been experimenting w/Kale. Amy dehydrated it w/a little bit of lemon and agave.
So so good
 Happy Training!


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