Product Review: Nunn

A few weeks ago, fellow BSK teamate Morgan Sjogren who works with Smack Media  asked me to sample some Nuun and give a product review on my blog. I obliged and even though I had tried some years ago I really didn't use it properly and only tried one flavor. What is Nuun? On their website they call them "Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tabs." Not gonna lie, ever since I saw the movie Idiocracy every time I hear the word "Electrolytes" it reminds me of it.

A little snipit of the movie where they don't drink water anymore in the future...Just "Electrolytes"

So I definitely don't think Nuun is pushing for that direction, but one thing they are pushing for with a lot of success is incorporating Nuun into your racing and training as an Electrolyte supplement. In fact they are ranked as the "#1 Sports Drink Tab in running and outdoor specialty."

My shipment...I really need to work
on my phone camera skills. Terrible!
Last week I received my shipment of Nuun with four different flavors (Grape, Fruit Punch, Tropical and Strawberry Lemonade). They even threw in a water bottle. The shipment came just in time for my 6 hour training day on Saturday. In the past when I set out for long bike rides I would always fill up a bottle of water and a bottle of calories. Whenever you are riding over 2 hours, you are going to need to refill those water bottles eventually. I was always stuck with nasty water fountain water or forced to go buy high-sugar sports drinks that start with a "G" or a "P" which would always make me feel worse and take up time. That's the genius behind Nuun's tabs. I can just take a canister with me, fill up at the water fountain and pop a few in and BINGO! I have great refreshing bottle now that has zero sugar and all of the electrolytes I need. Not to mention I don't have to stress about going in a gas station and worrying about someone ripping off my bike, over-paying for a sports drink and taking the time to do it! I have a family, I need to get this workout done!

Mixed pack is da bomb!
I tried the Tropical flavor on my ride and to be honest I didn't like the taste all that much, kinda reminded me of those Emergency-C tabs that you take when you are sick...gross. However, I realize tastes are so different person to person. Because next I tried the Grape and Fruit Punch and YUM! They have like over 15 flavors so I'd recommend buying a mixed pack and experiment with what you like. You can purchase Nuun online or find the nearest retail store in your area.

Morgan also made a great point of using them as a "recovery drink" when maybe you've had a few too many adult beverages. So I experimented with that too over the weekend and drank 12 beers in one sitting. After hearing my wife complain and my kids confused with my behavior, I just told them "Sorry, it's part of the job!" TOTALLY KIDDING! I don't condone excessive drinking. But if you do, I'm just sayin' -you should have some Nuun before you go to bed.

So do me a favor and if you are an endurance athlete or a motivated drinker, go grab some Nuun. While you are at it, go check out Morgan's blog. She and her boyfriend Sergio are super fast and cool people.

Also, be sure to tune in tomorrow at "Love the Hurt" as I already have a pretty cool blog in the works. That is all!


Anonymous said...

Dude, this was a worthless'd they affect your electrolyte levels during the ride? Was there any noticable recovery benefits after the ride? What about multi-day training...are Nunn tablets any better that other electrolyte replacement product?

James Adams said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your great criticism of my review. To answer your questions: electrolyte levels during my ride? Seriously? Should I have brought the doc to tow alongside me and have him stick me with needles to check my electrolyte levels?? Yes, I highly recommend them for hydration and multi-day training. There are so many sources out there to keep you hydrated, any of them will work the same - it just comes down to taste, ease of use and cost. Nuun in my opinion has all of those.

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