I don't write a whole lot about swimming on this blog. First of all, it's my weakness - so there really isn't a whole lot to blog about. Yesterday I was telling Amy that I kind of made a big mental realization with my swimming. I had a pretty tough session that amounted to over 3000 yards in the pool and during the set my mind really started coming around to some things. Since I am a runner turned triathlete, I tend to relate everything to running. During some of the harder sets in my workout, I was only given 10 seconds to rest here, 20 seconds there--which compared what to what I was doing prior to be coached is a whole lot less rest. I remember doing 100's with like a minute rest in between. Or maybe 2x800 with 4 minute rest in between (I didn't know what I was doing)! So I related it to running. You see it at the track all the time in workouts. You know, those track workouts you see people taking their precious time in between sets, taking extended recovery, chatting it up and not really taking the workout seriously. They just look and admire the faster runners, but the result for themselves is no big improvement. Well that has been me at the pool the past year. I didn't embrace the workout. I didn't approach each of the swim sessions with a purpose. It was more about me getting in the pool, putting in some yards and as soon as that clock strikes one hour, I was outta there as fast as I could.

Well that has all changed these past few weeks. As much as I've been working harder in the pool physically, the biggest gains I have made have been mentally. I actually enjoy the swim sessions now. Once I truly believed that, I've noticed myself becoming more comfortable in the water. I've really felt as one with the water and it's allowed me to actually find a pretty good swim stroke that lets me work with the water instead of against it. Now I know I still have a lot of improvement in my technique, but giving myself a mental overhaul has really helped me find the right technique naturally. I think to piggyback that same idea - I think learning how to hurt in the pool is important too. I think I just started to learn how to do this with evidence that I cramped on the last set of my workout yesterday and had to slowly paddle my way back to the pool deck! It's such a different type of pain compared to running and biking both in cardio and lactate acid build up/muscle fatigue. I've even experienced a swimmers high? Kind of like a runner's high? You feel a little more dizzy than usual, but still have those endorphins flowing...ahhh. it feels good.

So I encourage those that are struggling with the swim (like myself) to mentally engage yourself. Take each swim session just as serious as you would a bike or run workout. Make it count, don't put in empty yardage and you'll start seeing big improvements....I know I am.

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