Finding the Balance

Couzer Canyon ride
 I really feel like I'm finding a good balance with everything in my life. When I took off 6 years of training and quit doing anything active (which I'd never done before since I was 5!) I felt like my life became extremely unbalanced. Not to get to personal or anything but besides my marriage, everything else pretty much sucked. I was moving from job to job, partied too much and kept looking for what it was I was missing. I now know that I need endurance sports in my life. It really does balance your time, energy, faith, finances and outlook on life (at least for me). I need it so bad now that if I'm forced to miss a day of training, Amy can tell right away because I'm miserable to be around. It's like a drug to me - but with good side effects :)

Tuesday nights at the track have now turned to Tuesday nights at Discovery Lake in San Marcos. As much as I love the track, I like the fact we switch it up periodically throughout the year. Plus the fact that most of it is running on the dirt, my fragile legs get a little break from the pounding. I had a great workout last week and it was really the first time I tested my calf with anything fast. I was surprised how effortless everything felt despite little to no running. I still can't believe how much cycling can improve your running - I've been seeing huge gains and I've only been running a few times a week for the past month.

Green Flash Brewery
 Thursday night my buddy Bobby and I hit up Green Flash and their new tasting room in Mira Mesa. I would say it lived up to all of my expectations. They had a lot on tap to taste and I couldn't believe how busy they were on a Thursday night (pic doesn't do justice). I'm really stoked to start filling up my growler on the way home now. Afterwards we hit up the Padre game only to watch the Giants tie us in the 9th against our only All-Star and then beat us in extra innings. Bummed on the Padres this year. Looks like we'll be playing with the AAA Padres soon. Fire sale. One cool thing though, earlier last week during the All-Star break I was able to go up on top of the Batters Eye and check out a roof that we will be doing. It was pretty cool to be next to all of the retired numbers up top, especially Tony! We will be making room for Trevor Hoffman's number. It's supposed to be a secret, but everyone knows about it!

On top of the "Batters Eye"
 On Saturday, I basically duplicated the 60 mile ride I did the week before. But this time it wasn't as hot and miserable. My legs felt like crap from a tough week of training, but I still rode about 1 mph faster than last week. These are starting to feel so effortless and I'm excited to see what I can do in a 70.3. Which by the way, I'll most likely be focusing on half-ironman's next year. After a year of training/racing triathlons, this is what I have learned: I definitely prefer the road over off-road. I love mountain bike racing, but the off-road triathlon (Xterra) not so much. I think this goes back to how I always hated cross country and loved track. I'm a slight heel striker and when you run off-road it can really zap your energy because you're constantly pulling at the terrain as opposed to running on the road (or track) where you have a slight bounce in your step on the concrete and not as much energy is wasted. Plus, I just like going fast. Xterra's are filled with ton's of technical sections and hills which means a slower pace and plays to the strong. The road, it's just all about speed. I also did my first half marathon and absolutely loved the distance. And after doing a sprint and an Olympic distance triathlon, I feel like the race is just over too fast. It doesn't give you much time to think or get settled - you're just all out. That's why I'm hoping to open up with my first 1/2 Ironman next March at the California 70.3 then maybe do Vineman 70.3 later in the Summer. Excited.

Sunday just called for a 90 minute long run and I did it right smack in the middle of the day where it was in the 90's. It was pretty brutal but I got through it and I'm actually glad that it was so warm, it's time to start acclimating to the heat as races are going to start heating up! Next up is an Aquathon this Thursday night with the Triathlon Club of San Diego. It's just a mellow race from what I hear. 1000 meter swim and a quick transition to a 5k run on the beach. I want to do it more for just some open water experience and a good workout.

Few more pics from the week:

Saturday's ride

Recommend the "Palate Wrecker"
Our seats for the night up in the Toyota Terrace
This is the room where the games are filmed
Question of the day. How am I going to say no to her???


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