Saturdays track workout consisted of 20 X 200 w/ a 200 meter float/jog (about .50 secs rest) for a total of 5 miles on the track.

My splits after a 3 mile warm up:
1st one: .35
2-20: .36 (4:49 pace)

Felt amazing to get into a rhythm. Like clockwork, it was almost impossible to go faster or slower. I'm starting to get flashbacks of my hay day. I feel younger and younger each time I go to the track. My long effortless stride, my relaxed jaw jiggling with each foot strike. The pain being brushed to the side like a piece of art that desperately wants to be finished.

The track has a tendency to capture the heat on a hot day and it delivers the smell of synthetic rubber that I absolutely love. After each .36 I would sometimes just close my eyes taking in the smell, feeling the heat form in my sock less shoes, listen to my heart pound and taste the salt on my lips. This is how I get in touch with my senses, this is my bliss.


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