Great Quote/Read  has been a site I've frequented ever since its inception (back in the 90's). It was one of the first great running websites to hit the web and it's done a lot for the sport.

Anyway, thought I would share it's quote today. It's by Wayne Goldsmith giving the secret to success in endurance sports:

“We all know what the secret to success is – it is so obvious it has no right to be even called a secret…here it is for free. Work harder, more consistently than anyone in your sport in the world ensuring that you commit everything you have – physically, mentally, technically and tactically to every training, recovery and competition experience.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

Great stuff, it's so true. I feel many triathletes are guilty of trying to take that short cut and getting the best bike, gear, coach, nutrition - whatever it is, when really they should just be focused on getting the work done - the right way. The beauty of it is, this doesn't just apply to sports - it can apply to anything in life.

Thought I'd share.


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