Merry Christmas!

Can't believe it's almost Christmas! Having two kids already speeds up time and when you add triathlon to the mix, like I did in July -time seems to slip by even faster. Kids definitely add a different element to my training routine. Talk about being flexible and having a plan A,B&C! Sometimes a rough night might push my morning workout or maybe no naps might change up my routine over the weekend - you just never know what each day will bring. I look at it as a positive though. I'm constantly shocking my system by training at all hours hours of the day (anywhere from 4:30am to 8pm). So come race time, I know my body will be well adjusted to the time of day and temperature--no matter what it is. It just cracks me up sometimes when I run into athletes that are single or have no kids and they say they have had no time to train. That's not really the reason in my opinion. They just don't want it enough!

Last week was the lowest volume of training I have had since May. I was really sick. I ended up taking four days off, but the good news is --it killed the sickness pretty quick. I had a fever, coughing up crap...etc nasty stuff. I'm glad I listened to my wife and bagged a few workouts and then slowly got back into it by the end of the week. Years ago, when I was single and training, I definitely would have still pushed it and delayed my sickness for another few weeks. The only workout of note was my Sunday tempo run. I did the same exact course I ran last Sunday, only this time I was coming off of sickness and oh was pouring rain.
Run Data:
So I was pretty stoked to finish and see that my time was faster and my heart rate was lower (see last weeks workout). I'm starting to get really excited for my first 1/2 marathon next month in Phoenix. I really don't know what to expect. I'm shooting for sub 1:18, but we'll see. My flight's booked, going out there with Kev and staying with some friends. It'll be weird to spend so much time away from the family but it will also be good to focus on my first race of the season and start things off with a BANG! 

Swim time is nothing of note and as for the bike, I'm finally getting myself a trainer, and it's not just because of the rain. With the time change I've had problems scheduling bike rides in consistently and I know once I have a trainer, there is no excuse. Eliminate any chance for excuses!

Speaking of eliminating excuses, it's about time to get ready to go to the track to do 3X2 mile repeats at the track and the rain is DUMPING!

Till next week---Cheers!


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