The Island

Juliet is almost 5 months! It's been SO fun watching her grow and develop. It's also been really eye-opening these past several months learning more about Down Syndrome.

We didn't know much about DS when we found out the day she was born. We were scared for the unknown and all we knew about it were all the "negatives" associated with it. The saddest thing we have learned is that our culture puts Down Syndrome on this island. An island where they want to detect it while in the womb so it gives the parents the option to abort. An island where the "hardships" and "challenges" of DS will take over the rest of your life. Speech problems, physical problems, health problems, developmental problems - it's looked at as such a burden and it's really really sad.

Let me tell you something. The island looks A LOT different than you think. The island is filled with an overwhelming amount of love. Our family has been transformed all because of this amazing girl. This is our fourth child and although our first three got a lot of oohh's and aahh's, nothing compares to the reaction she gets from strangers and friends that meet her. It's like she oozes with this indescribable love; a kind of love that we all seek and she has it radiating from her. We can't get enough of it!

We are finally seeing a shift in the way the world looks at DS. Instead of labeling them with a disability, we are starting to see that if you challenge them like any other kid, they will grow and develop just like any child. It is not scary - see for yourself! CLICK HERE.

We have been blessed with a healthy DS baby. We are fully aware of the road ahead but we also know that every child (and young adult) has it's challenges!

Love you Juliet, we are so lucky to have you in our family!


James Adams Coaching Services
I started coaching back in 2005 when my wife and I had moved to Boulder, CO for a short stint. It started out by just helping out a friend get to 2:30 in the marathon (he ran 2:33). It was amazing to remove myself from the performance aspect and put all of my energy and effort towards helping someone else succeed.

Fast forward 12 years and I am now head Cross Country and distance Track coach at local high school and I've had the opportunity to coach individual runners and triathletes of all ages trying to reach their goals. Whether that's a high school runner trying to make varsity, a triathlete trying to qualify for Kona, a runner trying to qualify for Boston or the Olympic trials or a non athlete trying to get into endurance sports - I've had great success with a wide range of athletes and would love to coach you!

Coaching philosophy: I've found that there are four things that help you reach your goals and without all four you are jeopardizing your full potential. I can help with all four:

1. Indivisualized Coaching
2. Mental Approach
3. Recovery
4. Nutrition

The only thing I require is that you are serious about your goals and honest with your feedback.

Email me at jwadams5k at for a free consultation. Prices have a range depending on your sport and goals.

*Local athletes surrounding the Temecula, CA area will have exclusive discounts with local endurance affiliated stores and the option of one-on-one coaching sessions.

Foot Injury

Well so much for that marathon training....ha.

I thought I had a pretty conservative build up in my running which included a lot of double runs, rest days and easy running. Volume looked like this the past 9 weeks:

17 miles
18 miles
17 miles
29 miles
sick (2 weeks)
32 miles
39 miles
32 (was going to be 40)

The plan proved wrong as last Saturday, 2 miles into my long run I felt a bite on my left foot, except it wasn't a bug bite. I ended up walking all the way home and about 1/2 mile away from the house I had to have Amy come get me as the pain was over the top.

I thought I may have broken it but after four days of being off of it I don't think it's broken. I actually had a similar injury on the same foot years ago and was looking for that blog. I remember going to the doc and finding out it was actually a soleus injury related. Everything is connected and I think that's the source of the injury as I was just dealing with soleus issues about 6 weeks ago. So I'm just going to take this week off completely from running and swim/ride - which now confuses me even more...

As I mentioned last week, "the plan" was to just run in 2017 to free up as much time as possible for the family while still satisfying my competitive and fitness obsession. My new problem now is that after getting back in the water and on my bike, I forgot how much I enjoy the variety and disciplines. I'm seriously like an 18 year old kid that doesn't know what he wants in life haha. It's also a flashback to 2008 when I decided to get in shape again and train for a marathon, only to deal with injuries for 2 years and finally move over to triathlon. I might be rewinding the same story again.

So we'll see...Whether it's running or triathlon, I'm coming back to race in 2017 and really looking forward to it!

Our baby Juliet is doing really well and so is Amy. Amy, btw - pushed her out in 3 contractions like a #boss and was walking hours later. She's also excited to get back in running shape and start racing again so lots of fun/exciting Adams fitness goals in the house again - can't wait!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Kiddos seeing Santa


Little break from a 4 mile ride with the older ones!

Matching xmas socks

Our new angel, Juliet


My full crew

Wow, what an overwhelming response Amy and I received from our family and friends after last week's post. As hard as it was the first few days, we are completely at peace about Juliet's diagnosis. We cannot wait to raise her with love and even more with the right tools for her to have a great life. DS has had some breakthroughs and Glen Doman has had a lot to do with it. We are quickly becoming a student and will provide our baby girl with the best environment to succeed.

I think she is already on the same page. About 50% of DS babies have heart conditions at birth, she doesn't. Almost all have trouble eating, she doesn't. Most DS newborns feel limp and lack strength, she's already lifting her head up and is strong. I can already tell she is a fighter and having her around the past two weeks has already changed Amy and I for the better. So much LOVE!

The support has also been amazing. Our church and mom's club have been so good to us, providing us with meals the past 2 weeks, offering to take the older kids and so much words of encouragement and love poured out. That's what a community is all about and a big reason why we moved back to Temecula; which by the way, has so many special needs programs - we are truly blessed.

Switching gears now -besides our baby girl, I also changed jobs about 3 months ago which has allowed me to work from home. This has improved my quality of life tenfold. The 2-3 hours of commuting everyday really had an affect on me both personally and athletically. I've basically been very inconsistent and gained a good 10-15 pounds over the past 2 years of no racing. Motivation would come and go and the job/driving demands played a big part of that.

Now that I'm working from home, I've been able to get back to my love of endurance sports. I've lost 7 pounds and am up to running 40 miles/week. Through all of the running - I've also discovered the love that I had for it in my hs/college/post college days. With 4 kids now, I've also noticed how much of a time saver it is to run as opposed to adding swimming and cycling to the mix.

So for 2017 I will focus solely on running. I may jump into a few triathlons but my main focus will be the marathon. I've never run an open marathon (in shape). Qualifying for Boston is definitely a bucket list but I also have some lofty goals with running that I will share as fitness progresses.

Right now it's all about a lot of short double runs to increase mileage safely minimizing injury and I could still lose another 10 pounds to get in marathon "race weight." So when you see me in about 6 months, I am not doing drugs -rather, a running addiction!

I added a Strava widget to the blog, feel free to follow along my fitness progression! Next week I'll share my race schedule. As always, thanks for reading :)

A Gift

Juliet Faith
Amy and I were blessed with our 4th child, Juliet. She was born with Down Syndrome on Thanksgiving day. Her middle name is Faith. I don't normally get personal or religious in the social media world but I have no doubt that the name we had picked out long ago and the fact that she was born on Thanksgiving day was a gift from God. To be thankful and faithful that she will be healthy and have an amazing impact on others.

Amazing she is. She has brought many people to tears - even without them knowing of her diagnosis. Amy and I found out the next day by a very special pediatrician (whom we'll never forget) and we were brought to tears. Tears of the unknown. 1 out of 700 in the US are born with Down Syndrome - we are quickly finding out that we were one of the lucky ones.

Within one week, I have made drastic changes in my life. I have this new relentless desire to be a better person. Better at everything. I imagine she will do the same to everyone she meets.

Different Approach

I'm 37 now and it's crazy to think that I've been competing (on and off) in endurance sports for almost 25 years! It's taken me this long to finally realize I've been doing it all wrong. Let me explain...

Bringing up the sun with Wattie Ink Punk! 
If you relate my "strategy" in training/racing to playing poker - you could say that I've always been a very aggressive player. I've always taken training and racing so seriously to the point where it hurts me. Over-training, over-racing, over-thinking, caring too much, obsessed, etc. I've never just gone with the flow, put in the work and let the racing take care of itself. I've always put so much mental and physical energy into it which (looking back on it) has really wreaked havoc on my overall performance. Ask those that have trained with me in the past - they would probably say my performances don't always match up with the numbers I put up in training. 

Well this time I'm approaching it all differently. I'm going to just put in the work and let my progression happen naturally instead of forcing it like I have in the past. I have such a peace while I'm out training now. I'm not obsessed with numbers, what race I'm going to do next, whether I'm doing too much or too little. It's actually making the sport fun again. 

My progression is going slower then I'd like which is expected. I've lost a whopping 1/2 pound  - most of that is because I lost like every muscle in my body - so I know I'm losing fat and gaining muscle so I'm cool with that. Right now I'm running 3-4 days/wk and riding 2-3 day/wk. I'm just going through the painful process of working out scar tissue from years of abuse and just dealing with feeling generally horrible in training which is also normal those first few months back. 

Waking up early to train definitely has its perks. The smell of summer mornings, hot air balloons rising up into the air and the sun rising up over the beautiful Temecula foothills. It starts the day with a smile and an appreciation that I am still sweating and breathing hard 25 years later.
My son and I watching motorcycles and monster trucks!

Crush & Brew...Yum


Temecula Winery Views :)
Well I'm about three weeks back into consistent training and I'm FINALLY starting to feel good, especially with running. Most of my weekdays consist of an early 5am wake up call so I can squeeze in a ride or run before my busy day starts.

5am is early no matter how you swing it but when you are motivated and excited about the sport again, it's a lot easier to get up. That's why I know this is for real this time. I get excited with every little improvement I'm seeing. Historically, I can usually get back into shape pretty quickly although I am now 37 years old and not in my early 30's the last time I did this (get fat/out of shape). Regardless, I'm only two years removed from being in the best triathlon shape of my life and I really can't wait to toe the line to race again. I'm targeting a little sprint race down in Mission Bay in October to make the comeback complete and then I will build into winter and go big with training to set myself up for a good 2017 season.

In the meantime, I'm really enjoying the summer with friends and family. All Star Game, Monster Trucks, Del Mar Fair, golf, BBQ's, Temecula wineries and of course great beer. Cheers!

The kids and I on MLB network with Harold!

Trying some new brews

Sweet boy Bo