A Gift

Juliet Faith
Amy and I were blessed with our 4th child, Juliet. She was born with Down Syndrome on Thanksgiving day. Her middle name is Faith. I don't normally get personal or religious in the social media world but I have no doubt that the name we had picked out long ago and the fact that she was born on Thanksgiving day was a gift from God. To be thankful and faithful that she will be healthy and have an amazing impact on others.

Amazing she is. She has brought many people to tears - even without them knowing of her diagnosis. Amy and I found out the next day by a very special pediatrician (whom we'll never forget) and we were brought to tears. Tears of the unknown. 1 out of 700 in the US are born with Down Syndrome - we are quickly finding out that we were one of the lucky ones.

Within one week, I have made drastic changes in my life. I have this new relentless desire to be a better person. Better at everything. I imagine she will do the same to everyone she meets.


Unknown said...

What a beautiful gift James and Amy! She could not have been born in to a better family...I look forward to watching her grow..much love to you guys

James Adams said...

Thanks Gerry - means a lot!

Ann Ehlert said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful. My friend Rachel sent me this blog post. I, too, have a young one with Down syndrome. The word given to us when she was born was JOY!

James Adams said...

Thanks for sharing Ann - truly a JOY!

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